A secure financial condition starts with laying down reliable accounting and tax practices. For more than two decades, Alfa 1 Corporation Accounting Solutions has given wide-ranging accounting solutions to answer both corporate and personal goals for our clients. Our specialized method in achieving financial stability provides our clients the power to attain the full potential from their investments and accounting. Our partnerships among CPA’s, CFP’s, accountants, and bookkeepers provide our clients a deep source of benefits and advantages which is not commonly available in other companies.

Alfa Accounting Solutions offers synergistic financial approaches to help our clients through many types of financial services, as follows:


For over two decades, the financial experts of Alfa Accounting Solutions have provided a one-stop financial-services source in management of business practice, tax and financial planning, accounting, transition, investment counseling and retirement planning consultancy especially for the dental industry. Since our company started its operations, dentists have relied on our knowhow, expertise, and experience to help them attain their business and personal objectives with excellent results. Our well-trained staff of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, accountants and bookkeepers are ready to provide dentists the assistance they require on a day-to-day arrangement. We aim to enhance all our clients’ financial productivity as well as the quality of life.


Alfa Accounting Solutions appreciates that taxes are a great source of stress for business-owners as well as individuals. Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions has been on the job of tax returns preparation for professionals and investors for more than two decades. Our tax professionals remove the uncertainties and will assist you feel secure that your taxes are accomplished well.

Our professional group of tax experts will assist you determine and evaluate your tax condition for the most appropriate approach to apply. We view the larger picture to assure that all of the issues have been answered and all valid deductions, credits, and methods are being used. Our systems are centered on producing the greatest total tax savings both at present and in the long-term on behalf of our clients. We also look at the tax implications of a business, an individual, a family, or an investment to reduce tax payments.

Using our bespoke, comprehensive strategy, we can deliver valuable results and monetary savings by incorporating your tax services with your financial planning methods. We accomplish this through the following:

  • Working together as one, our tax advisors and your investment advisor can integrate your tax condition with your financial planning systems
  • Making use of all resources to pinpoint ways of saving on taxes and assuring accurate tax returns
  • Preparing your tax returns by expert, licensed tax advisors
  • Reviewing of your final tax returns by a registered CPA
  • Providing a year-long tax advisory assistance to be included in your tax-return fee for subsequent tax planning in the future
  • Create a comprehensive plan

    By studying each one of the modules meticulously, we will find out which ones need our close and immediate attention and which ones require continuous monitoring. From our experiences, we will develop an implementation program for your future financial life.

    Support your financial goals

    When you work with us as your partner, you can simplify the process of enhancing your financial condition by attending closely on managing your assets and investments more efficiently in the long-term.

    Our individual financial planning strategy assists our clients in coming up with reliable solutions to all of the issues involved. Our method begins with an analysis of individual goals in order to genuinely comprehend your present situation and the enhanced financial condition you want to attain. By considering the most vital questions, we are able to draw out your essential needs, wants, and aspirations, to tailor-fit a method that suits fit your goals. We stand constantly by your side as your partner providing you assistance, advice and tools to solve any issue through all circumstances in your financial life.

    We can develop an individualized system to assist you in determining your financial requirements, and to suggest answers for your crucial concerns. Learn more:

    If your business exists presently in its beginning phases of growth, or thrives as a established venture, our business-needs services allow you to manage your business with convenience. Our business and estate planning experts will design a business-needs evaluation package to review your risk reduction plan, business-sustenance plan, and employee-benefit requirements. Starting with strategic planning, to specific benefits, to succession strategizing, you can depend on Alfa One Accounting Solutions to guide you and support you as your dedicated Chief Financial Officer.