Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions raises business accounting to a higher level: We help build your personal wealth. We appreciate the crucial decisions business-owners make in operating a profitable business and handling personal financial matters. We utilize our experience, along with our expertise in both accounting and financial planning to provide you a wide-ranging approach to your accounting management needs. Allow us to present how our scope of services can help develop not only your business, but your personal finances as well!


Alfa One Accounting Solutions stands among business-owners who are making crucial decisions for a pending business transition. We can appreciate the seriousness of such an important process, as well as the accompanying factors to consider in the sale or purchase of any business.

Our Strategy:

Our strategy to due-diligence assessments is rare in the sense that we have the collective experience of CPA’s aside from that of the practical experience as business managers. We take a far-reaching view of all aspects involved in the life of a company:

  • Evaluation of financial statements and other pertinent documents vis-a-vis the proposed financial figures in a sales offer
  • Assessment of the business’ internal controls of cash-flow
  • Analysis of financials in both insurance reimbursement contracts and the receivables
  • Evaluation of production rates and salary expenses of the business
  • Extensive interviews of professional staff
  • Alfa One Accounting Solutions’ team of accounting professionals is composed of experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE’s) with personal experience in and with small businesses.